VideoArt - Official FOVFF Nominees

VideoArt - Official FOVFF Nominees

Nominees in competition at the FilmÓptico Festival in the category of VideoArt

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VideoArt - Official FOVFF Nominees
  • Sentient

    Sentient is an examination of what it means to be self-aware, and gaining the will to seek one's own freedom.
    The synthetic being becomes self-aware and realizes its confinement. As she moves to music, she begins to seek an exit from the confines of where she was created. She fights her ...


  • Mirror

    Speculum universi, the universal mirror: questions about the real and the unreal, transcendence and immanence.
    Man is condemned to be free. Condemned, because he did not create himself, yet, in other respects is free. Once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. (Jean-Pau...

  • Saguaro

    “Saguaro” is a video work made during the period of social isolation due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the world by the artists Duna Dias and Socorro Dias based on the sensations and experiences lived between mother and daughter during this period of Quarantine. Saguaro is a cactus and represents s...

  • Ode To Concrete

    Ode To Concrete is an experimental project on concrete in architecture.
    The variety of uses, the charm of the texture and the elegance of the forms surrounded by sunlight and blue of the sky.
    Focusing on the strictly visual aspect, something practical like concrete becomes a purely abstract form....

  • Null-thrirty Two

    Me-thirty-two - a blank slate for myself.

    Alyona Polyakova
    Born on Black Sea in 1988. After the State University of Management I worked as a producer of students’ films at educational film Studio of the All-Russian State University of Cinematography. Last 5 years I work as a script-supervisor in...

  • No actor

    Experimental manifesto of a filmmaker who reflects on his participations as an actor in his own films.

  • Morceaux de vie

    A brief view of life experciences through the eyes of a middle aged man.

    Telio Felipe Espinoza García was born in Mexicali, Baja California, México in 1971.
    Got his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Montemorelos University. His Masters in Arts Degree form Universidad Autónoma de Baja Cal...

  • Memoria

    Surrendering the mind to the hypnotic dance of fire, a candle ´s glimmer reveals dreamlike memories, illustrated by flickering fragments of experimental films that overlap alongside a deconstructed soundscape. Entering a hallucinatory state in a haunted ambience, one´s own subconscious is put on ...

  • Bogue

    The House of Tupamaras is a group of Voguing performers based in Bogota, Colombia. They are professionally trained dancers that chose to break from the norm and explore the queerness of their bodies and their everyday self-expressions to turn their art form into a political tool, questioning the ...

  • House pieces

    Years ago, my Mother sold her home. Hundreds of high dynamic range digital photos were taken to provide to the real estate agent for the online sale listing. The images were left on an SD card that was strangely stored and subject to environmental degradation.
    Disassembling each damaged, barely t...

  • The atoms of reality

    It was like a dream, filled with grave perfumes, with limpidity and sensuous chimes. A misplaced device in a turbid instant where the mechanisms of humility ring out. A crack obscurely revealing the entrails of nothingness. The memory of surfaces hit by translucent instruments. A well where the a...

  • Vestige

    A photographer looks at pictures of the last day of a boy's life.

    Gabriel Werneck is an student of Cinema in Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC Minas).

  • Thanatherotik

    The experimental short film seeks to present the tensions between eros and thanatos, artificial and natural in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Edgar Franco is Ciberpaje, a transmedia artist, one of the Brazilian pioneers of the poetic-philosophical genre of comics, and mentor of the perfor...

  • Open field pandemic

    Open Field - Pandemic Compositions is a choreographic edit from 'Campo Aberto' - virtual space for practical research in dance improvisation that emerged in the context of social isolation resulting from the pandemic, performed collectively by dance artists of different states of Brazil.
    Space o...

  • LAVA

    "LAVA" is a creation made by the two artists -mother and daughter- in social isolation from the investigation with projections of erupting volcanoes and wooden objects. It is a creation of movements, images and children that dialogues with the signs of the image of the volcanic lava that flows: h...

  • Et Aprés? Tout L´inverse

    The video proposes to take a look at the post-containment world. David Poullard and Camille Bonaldi’s displays on the streets of Marseille allowed the realization of these poetic little films.
    5 short videos made for the Common Ground Project by Kika Nicolela which proposes to take a look at the...

  • Electro Apache

    A visual video, retrofuturistic, that presents the past, the present and the future, of an epic "new normality".

    During the attack of the American army, in the sacred archeological site of Apache, a mysterious warrior appears, with unusual forces, wanting to prevent the destruction of the last t...

  • Bass Sequences

    "Bass Sequences" is an experimental film that plays arround with bass, matriality and audiovisiology. In this film different parts are representative of the audiovisiological visualization of a sound collage consisting of low bass frequencies. It is a project where the main idea was to create a f...

  • At the limit of feelings

    Classical love triangle. An excruciating situation from which there seems to be no way out. Love. Jealousy. Revenge. What can haappen if all these feelings are at the limit?

    Liudmila Komrakova
    Was born in 1962 in Russia. In her adulthud visited Argentina and fell in love with tango argentina. Ev...

  • "1"

    Who we are under our cloth? Is it a beast is hiding inside us? And what - if he is not alone? Crises and process of self-acceptance with all nuances and disadvantages. Images, which are hiding behind the body and thoughts which are more private than nude.

    Yuliya Lysakouskaya
    Yuliya Lysakouskaya ...