Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF

Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF

Official selection of the Festival FilmÓptico in the category of Video Art

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Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF
  • Ghost Town (Triptych)

    The ghost town is a space devoid of life. Inhabited only by a few animals and the subjective gaze of an observer wandering through an inert space. The previous life has disappeared. Is anybody there?. The Wild West returns to the present; A territory without law or dominated by the law of the str...


  • Forever

    As an archive in constant change, walls surround us. As on skin, traces of urban life are shown on them. Out of the corners of our eyes, scratches, nicks, shapes, letters and words are absorbed by us in passing moments. They reveal our longing for continuity, visibility and the expression of beco...

  • Flowers in The Fog

    I have a quiet heart for a moment in the world. I like to be free from music and words.

    Hong Ning
    Born 1996, Weihai, China.
    Lives and works in Nanchang, China.
    Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings:
    Time joint: Rething of Existentialism, Yuan Art Museum, Chongqing, China.
    Jinji Lake Biennale...

  • Explose

    "Appuie sur le champignon" ( "Push on the mushroom" which means in french, Hurry Up driver) speak out tipsy carnival goers. Nuclear explosions, chains reactions in a delight mood. Party Goes on !
    Images and sounds are always ambivalous ; landscapes can always turn from the stability to oblivion. ...

  • Expanse

    Notably disparate Sydney localities. A threaded expanse of colour expands and/or contracts within each portion of footage. The displaced perimeters of the images redefine their discernment whilst whimsically disclosing their underlying digital fabric.

    David Anthony Sant
    Born in Sydney, Australia...

  • Endless Connotations

    Time is endless.
    Now, future, past, tomorrow intertwined
    existence is a journey,
    layers of reality
    a new allusion at every moment,
    images are boundless, connotations are loud
    the journey that looks bleak,
    trees waiting to sprout
    … for Hope.

    Sevcan Aytaç Sönmez
    was born in Turkey in 1983. She liv...

  • Domestic Altar

    The video describes the intimate space of the altar, hidden from the eyes of the outside world. The characters jokingly offer to sacrifice themselves, talk about fear, which is not really there. And there is only infinite power and authority under the cover of submission.
    Potted plants are weaned...

  • Descaminhos

    A fisherman, a mystical figure and Bento Rodrigues. The three of them in an act of loss and redemption of their memories.

    Atila Muniz
    In 2007, Atila Muniz graduated in Languages in the University of Ouro Preto (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto). From January 2009 to August 2010, was a dancer i...

  • Dante Cafe

    The moment when you reach the end of life and realize your way was wrong, but you can't change anything.

    Dumitru Grosei
    Was born in Marinici, Moldova in 1969. Between 1992-94, he studied Law at Iasi University and in 1994 he started studying Film Directing at UNATC Bucharest, which he graduated ...

  • Cocoon

    Made for us, our date and place of birth are our first surrender and it is not the end of the story! 
    Sometimes our undesired traits and characteristics are followed by undesired judgements and punishments!
    The secret tradition of being punished by public!

    The slaughtering of soul and mind, and ...

  • CMBR

    CMBR project is based on the data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency. The Planck satellite has recorded the measurements of the coldest objects in the Universe, and has given the insight into the creation of the first major structures in which galaxies evolved later on. ...

  • Can A Slow Machine Think Fast Enough?

    A normal story about a random person pondering about cinema and the quarantine he is living in, while he makes his peace with the excruciatingly slow machine he is using, to achieve a vision in a limited amount of time!

    Vishal Anand
    A screenwriter, graphic designer, editor, and researcher who th...

  • Before the Eyes

    The premonition of spore power and fragility of giants creates a feeling of weakness and a fear of being trapped into multilayered systems.
    Sometimes he didn’t know whether this image was the result of his reasoning from the long-term observations of events or a terrible magnification of his own...

  • Amorigen

    The dance of lovers as one. Forms fade and disappear, the human figure ceases to exist to shape a new one. Everything dies and regenerates, energy of movement, passion.
    His eyes today have been seen more than a thousand times and in infinite universes, all dimensions. Even so, they remain the sam...

  • Aman Iman (water is life)

    Just as the air, water is an essential element in life, but today, do we know the state and the value of this blessing?

    Mustapha Benghernaout
    Is a self-taught film maker born in Mostaganem Algeria. He has participated in several international competitions and festivals and obtained several awar...

  • 2x17

    Upcycling at its best. Two dusty and expired reels of 35mm film have been treated with bathroom cleaners and perfume to develop almost molecular looking forms and structures. The material has been scanned image by image and rearranged into a mystical rhythm. For this it uses the principle of film...