Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF

Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF

Official selection of the Festival FilmÓptico in the category of Video Art

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Video Art - Official Selection FOVFF
  • Dayton Subsist

    Dayton Subsist, short experimental film, tries to paint the picture of emotions and the stream of thought while one sinks slowly in extremely dense quicksand and the last light of hope that you will be saved slips you.
    Just before the final surrender…

    Zoran Ćatić
    A multimedia freelance artist. H...


  • Voice Street

    The mind a street - what would be its goal? That is the main idea behind the installation and the film. On the way through a mysterious street, the viewer experiences the dream-like visualization of the soul with all the demands, expectations, fears, whisperings and hopes we are exposed to day af...

  • Transmission

    Conspicuous facades amidst frequented streets and public spaces are garnished with moderate and subversive declarations that invite and are often accosted with repudiating appraisals. Meticulously edited excerpts align in an archetypal music video configuration.

    David Anthony Sant
    Born in Sydney...

  • The New World Variations on Stay-home Activities

    In 2020, most residents on the planet were forced to live indoors for days and months due to the epidemic, which has influenced our usual work and life to some extent. In this isolation, people tend to create ways of self-entertainment and take limited exercise at home. As a result, a large amoun...

  • The Escape

    The patient in an insane asylum is given an injection to calm her down. She is left alone lying on the bed in a straitjacket overhelmed with her hallucinations and memories.
    In the ward, another girl unexpectedly appears trying to bring the first one to consciousness.

    Liudmila Komrakova

  • The Dance Of The Doll

    An experimental video art about freedom and peace.

    Saeed Bahman
    I graduated from Iranian Youth Cinema Society in film making. my first short film was The blue lipstick and after Corona i made some low budget films at my home including We are the same and the dance of the doll. my first feature...

  • Temptation

    Single frame animation made of graphic prints in the art of dry point engraving, as well as drawings made in pencil and
    charcoal. Film is made of CA 1000 prints and drawings.
    Information overload swallows you up like unconscious experience. Natural purity can pull you out, but people keep search...

  • Suspended

     The sound of existence stuck in an unexpected suspension.

    Filomena Rusciano
    reelance dancer and videodance director, born in Pozzuoli (NA) in 1979. Her first videodance LIQUID PATH (2013) was in:
    • RUNNER_UP and Special Prize to Production: DANZA IN UN MINUTO 2013 (Turin, Italy)
    and in 20...

  • Stay Me With Flagons, Comfort Me With Apples

    What are these people doing? Between two songs, they breathe, walk, fall in love, live, and spend their lives just trying to get to the next song. What do these people want from life? As soon as they are happy moments; As soon as they feel abandoned from everything for a moment. Build the world t...

  • Simulation

    Acrobat is derived from the Greek words "acros" (height) and "baino" (to go), meaning "Person walking on tiptoe".
    The acrobat's movement beyond physical limitations came to me as an alternative to overcome the current situation.
    In these days of helplessness, instinctive senses may be required ra...

  • Présages

    Once upon a time, three friends live in joy by the ocean, until the day an asteroid falls down on earth, burning
    forests, creating a tsunami, waking up a volcano, and opening the crevice of a terrible dragon.

    Clément Roy
    is a french artist living in Paris. since his diploma in 2004, he decided t...

  • On the OUTer

    Transient images of luxury merchandise are accompanied by the sound of water brought to boil. Flagrantly obvious reasons to confront and renounce high-end consumerism abound. Self-indulgent rewards to oneself for self-accomplishments fuelled by notions of self-entitlement.

    David Anthony Sant

  • Muria

    Muria is a path into the navel of the dream, where the culture manifests itself between two worlds of opposites and the nature of cinema reveals as a new fertility. In and around the province of León (Spain), a muria is a set of stones that can be used to divide terms.

    Ismael Aveleira / Marina D...

  • Moths at the beginning of the century

    After death, when our river of life is stilled, the meaning of the river is revealed.” - Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    Kang Le
    Is a author, director.
    Majored in law college and philosophy. He has been writing movie reviews and scripts since 2017 and started filming his first short film "the Savage Detect...

  • Magic Circle

    Night, colours, water, a puddle wrapped up in mystery.
    What can we see in a puddle of water so much in there... and what cannot be seen,
    out of frame, is still there but impossible to capture.

    Barbara Parise
    Artist, writer/film-maker, producer and composer, active since the 1980s/1990s in variou...

  • Love - A Memory

    Moments of a memory - Abstract traces and noisy audible tissue - Fuzzy symbols of dreams pass by - Overlapping spheres of dialogues - Jumping details of resistance - Fluid moments of realignment and vibrant togetherness of clarity - The chirping of crickets, rain, and cowbell sounds grow more com...

  • Into Dust

    As much as we belong to space, all life on Earth comes from space and the essence of lives is the same and consists of coincidence and harmony.

    Young-woo Kim
    1997 Born in uijeongbu, south korea
    2021 Graduated from Hongik University of design&media in south korea

  • Interspersed

    The passage of a city populace exhibits their indifference to the meanderings of the camera whilst walking in front of and towards it.
    An objective camera captures succinct fragments of extemporaneous video footage. The passage of a city populaceexhibits their indifference to the meanderings of t...

  • Insert

    We all live for a year, even if we repeat a year, ninety times. We protect our thoughts in a box and do not know that behind it is a wall that has collapsed towards destruction and death.

    Hassan Mokhtari
    Is Independent Writer and Film Director of Islamic Republic of Iran. He was born in Septembe...

  • Shamans

    Shamans is the portrait of 4 artists living and working in London, UK. Angel Ito, originally from Puerto Rico, is a dancer, performer, actor and painter, that has spent many years living in the UK. Jonathan Armour is a digital artist and performer, whose specialty is virtual reality. Stefan Djoki...

  • Ataraxia

    State of tranquility and complete absence of worries and fears.
    ¿Can you achieve it given the current circumstances?

    Ataraxia is a Dance short film made under quarantine by "Dugatkin Videoarte"

  • The mysterious universo em nós

    The Universe in Us (2020) is part I of an experimental short film. Narrates the reflection of two girlfriends about the existence of a particular universe in each human being. The short takes us briefly to an investigative journey on the origin and meaning of life, the mysteries of cosmology and ...

  • Inner Movements

    In a blank and black space stains of color dance indefinitely. An irregural, wild dance; a perpetual motion that always creates never seen before forms and colors.
    The more you get into the film, the more the dance becomes violent.

    Matteo Pelella
    is a filmmaker born on 30th of August in 1999, in...

  • Heal o lord where it hurs

    "Heal o lord where it hurts" is a video art made completely alone; under strict social isolation. A homemade production made without any resources, with effects created through a virtual chat with #distortbot. All visual distortions are produced on demand to an Artificial Intelligence via textual...

  • Good dreams my friend

    Voices whisper stories of the cosmos. Tiny energies from the universe burst into the fire, telling the story of the ancestral Mapuche people. For the memory of the weichafe (warriors) in defense of the Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth).

    Cristián Tàpies Goldenberg
    Graduate in literature and audiovisual pr...