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  • Mugshot

    Sara Valenzuela Audiovisual producer, photographer, and filmmaker from Chile.
    Currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Previously based in in Berlin, Germany for 5 years and in Belgrade, Serbia for 3 years.
    I work in an independent and artisanal Do It Yourself way. I explore dissident, migrant and ...

  • MensPlaining

    Menstruation is natural, matter of fact and not something exceptional, giving one person different properties, spiritual or material, worse or better. Get ready to watching it live on screen! Ft. rope bondage, first hand experiences and background research.

    Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörun...

  • Ash And Lung (Kül ve Ciğer)

    Alkarısı, continues to steal babies from the houses of a village. The battered woman lies hungry in a burnt area of the forest around the village. Alkarısı, comes to this woman in the form of a goat. Together, they come to the makeshift haircloth tent, which is a special sort of tent that belongs...

  • Spiral Garage

    A visit to a hypercritical world, where people continually hurl insults at each other, creating a poisonous atmosphere that leads to a spiral of violence. In a symbolic downward journey through a garage, this animated film leads the viewer through broken-down cars, pizzas used as missiles and abn...

  • The tenderness of wolves

    When hairs turn grey and gates shut loudly, some imagine swinging like rocking chairs, some seek wild tenderness, some combine both.

    Ann Antidote ( is a shibari performer and prolific DIY artist, active in video, installation, and sound, mostly in collaboration or ...

  • At dagger's drawn

    In a lot of countries of the the world, homosexual acts are punished with prison if not worse.
    Not everybody can afford to be as blunt as this blade.
    For safe self expression in public for everyone.
    In solidarity with consensual pervert lifestyles accross the galaxy.
    Made in North Africa and Nort...

  • There Is a cat called unhappiness

    Three video-chapters in three haiku by Shuji Terayama.

    Giorgos Efthimiou
    Is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is constructing films since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film.
    His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals.

  • Night Pointer

    Two astronauts-beekeepers hire a professional pointer dog to help them to find some objects that they have lost in the middle of nowhere.

    Giorgos Efthimiou
    Is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is constructing films since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film....

  • Madrermana (Mothersister)

    A young man and his father have just moved into a new home, when a crazy and strange woman calls herself "Mothersister", she insists on being a housekeeper...

    Leandro E. Cerdá
    Is an Argentine director, his filmography includes more than 15 short films and video clips, as well as a medium-length ...

  • Together and Better

    A man (Spencer Weitzel) saves a lonely woman (Tatiana Lee) from an overdose. As their romance grows, she tries to help him move on from his own inner demons and painful past.

    The impressionistic short, TOGETHER AND BETTER was made for the FOUR POINTS FILM PROJECT, a filmmaking challenge that ra...

  • Luces del Desierto (Desert Lights)

    An invitation to open our eyes wide in the twilight and listen to the sounds hidden in the blackness.
    Some strange lights appear at night in the Mexican desert. The residents tell us what they’ve seen: fire, a fireball, lights flying, lightning falling from the sky and a flash. The singularity of...

  • You're Fired: A Farewell to 45

    New Breed Dance Company presents its newest creation, a dance film celebrating the absurdity of Donald Trump, and our collective obsession with his persona. With humor, wit, and pizazz this film takes you into the mind of Donald Trump, where he is mesmerized, seduced, and ensnared by his own ego....

  • The Mural

    There are experiences in life that cannot be replicated. Moments where something stirs our soul and makes us question our very purpose. But art does not demand purpose, it only demands existence.

    Anghus Houvouras
    On screen, he has written the screenplays for the produced features Dead Heist (Fir...

  • ROT

    An experimental piece that requires one's own subjective overview to formulate an opinion on what is transpiring. With its use of lighting, transitions and haunting score you will bare witness to a bleak yet beautiful nightmarish experience.

    Mad Mike
    Michael "Mad Mike" Nagy makes his directional...

  • Imaginàvem un jardí (Imagined a garden)

    There was a plant growing through the sink and it showed us life's tireless need for continuing.
    A short film conceived and shot during the lockdown situation in Spain 2020, entirely made at home. We would have prefered to be surrounded by nature, but there we were, in the kitchen. 
    Intrigued by...

  • We are the same

    A home broken fan is in the corner of the yard. Another fan, which is healthier than the first one, is in front of it. As the image is exchanged between the fans, we hear a conversation between two voices. The voice of a depressed man and a woman trying to calm him down. The man loves that woman ...

  • Waste

    A man forcefully takes a day off from his workplace to repair his favourite table fan. The film discovers his love for that object.

    Sunandan Adhikary
    Is a director, editor lives in Santiniketan, West Bengal, India, recently completed post graduation in Economics. He is an independent filmmaker w...

  • Verge

    A young woman is going through a complicated crisis in her life.
    She is haunted by anxious memories reminding her that she has not fully dealt with her past which partially
    comes to the surface filling the present. After an unsuccessful and desperate attempt to find an easy way
    out of a dead en...

  • Verde tierra (Green land)

    Police inspector Adriana must solve the murder of a young woman who had disappeared weeks before. A complex investigation and difficult to solve with official methods.
    Adriana Vilata, a promising and methodical National Police inspector, faces the most complex investigation of her career, the se...

  • Welcome to Thiercelieux

    In the village of THIERCELIEUX, when night falls and the villagers fall asleep, strange creatures wake up.

    Cédrick Spinassou
    At first glance, nothing predestined Cédrick to become an author, actor and director. Graduated engineer Arts and Crafts (ENSAM Lille), then engineer works at Eurovia for ...

  • Thetis

    Glimpses and sparkles of light lead us onto the dreamy path of a timeless place, immersed within ancient nature. There, the ancestor, Thetis, moves beyond the darkness, seeking to create another (im)possible world.

    Kostas Chaliasas
    Is a PhD Candidate in Music Composition and Cinema (AUTH). He ho...

  • The Gag

    While exploring lucid dreaming, a woman finds herself locked within her own dream. The more she tries to run, the worse it gets for her. After accepting the truth, she enters a state of peace while dreaming. That's when everything goes wrong. Will she wake up?

    António Sanganha
    Current PhD studen...

  • The Triangle

    Two competing prims are trying to defend their right not only to participate in the premiere, but also the right to a partner. But they can´t beat each other, and primes realise that they are being manipulated.By drawing their partner into the dance, they realize that dancing together is better t...

  • Le Lettere Dell'Altro (The Letters of the Others)

    A boy wrongly receives some letters that makes him brooding about his loneliness until it drives him crazy.
    Nereo is a young boy working as a shop assistant in a suit shop. He is lonesome, sensible and very thoughtful. One afternoon, returning home after work, he receives a letter. Reading it, he...