Short Film - Official Selection FOVFF

Short Film - Official Selection FOVFF

Official Selection of the FilmÓptico Festival in the Short Film category (<30 min)

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Short Film - Official Selection FOVFF
  • The Mural

    There are experiences in life that cannot be replicated. Moments where something stirs our soul and makes us question our very purpose. But art does not demand purpose, it only demands existence.

    Anghus Houvouras
    On screen, he has written the screenplays for the produced features Dead Heist (Fir...


  • We are the same

    A home broken fan is in the corner of the yard. Another fan, which is healthier than the first one, is in front of it. As the image is exchanged between the fans, we hear a conversation between two voices. The voice of a depressed man and a woman trying to calm him down. The man loves that woman ...

  • Le Lettere Dell'Altro (The Letters of the Others)

    A boy wrongly receives some letters that makes him brooding about his loneliness until it drives him crazy.
    Nereo is a young boy working as a shop assistant in a suit shop. He is lonesome, sensible and very thoughtful. One afternoon, returning home after work, he receives a letter. Reading it, he...

  • Tethered

    "Tethered" is an amalgam of footage recorded from the online platform chatroulette between March and April 2020. It started as voyeuristic practice to witness how the pandemic could be (re)shaping these online channels of communication across the network and it became an exercise of critique on t...

  • Space Dialogues

    What happens when the Earth is no longer habitable? An experimental found footage odyssey through space and time.
    A young scientist tries to save humanity. She goes from being a child with special powers to a hologram in this long journey covered in a short film. An experimental found footage od...

  • Situs Inversus

    A young man, Oussama, always believed that sitcoms are not up to the task and do not match the artistic literature. Once he became a director, he found himself in dilemma to direct his first project, a sitcom.
    Situs inversus (title of the film) is a congenital condition in which the major viscera...

  • Schizopyllum

    Beniamino is an old gay men and a former prisoner of the Fascist Regime. He returns to Ventotene to retrace his memory.
    Schizopyllum is part of a project called Schizopyllum : a genderfuck series, a series on the control of bodies and the social construction of marginalization.
    “Everyone of us is...

  • Satanic Key

    A misterious key unveils a shadow world where strange forces gather.

    Bruno Miguel Resende
    Born in Porto, Portugal, 1981. Actor, director, writer, performer. First work at the theaters with the play "Elogios da Embriaguez", adapting Alfred Jarry, Charles Baudelaire, Mahmud Shabistari and Omar Kha...

  • Primer round

    A couple meets in a restaurant to sort out the future of their relationship, plagued by mistrust.In this encounter, where both are trapped in a unilateral story, the inside will break through the outside, breaking the "fourth wall".

    Guadalupe Yepes
    Writer/ Director and Actress
    She is currently d...

  • Moktar and Toulon

    Moktar and Toulon are nobody. Just like the nature they cross, they’re part of the world they cross without dominating it. This is the little journey of two sensitivities in which, in spite of getting lost, they persist in their quest. The two draws new paths: they follow strange intuitions whic...

  • ME-NO

    A girl and a man spend the day in a coastal forest. Something happens that causes the lovers to end the meeting.
    Short poetic film about the burden of passion, sacrifice and pipe dreams.

    Polina Berestovaia
    1995, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Filmmaker, video artist.
    Founder of SERP.FILM
    Graduated fr...

  • Mama

    You may never know when you have to leave your safe zone until you get the hit and everything used to be there, is gone in next minute. Now, it is your time to keep breathing until you feel alive again.
    This is the story of a Syrian refugee girl, who crossed that thin line and everything in her l...

  • Makellos (Flawless)

    Emma is getting ready for a big meeting. She desperately wants to make a good impression, but an important day forces her to confront what is controllable and what is not.

    Wellington Almeida
    was born in Brazil but lives in Europe since 2002. He graduated in Literature & Linguistics by the Univer...

  • Majnun - The awakening

    Through eight forceful arguments, the power raves reveals the future of humanity. First part of a trilogy.

    Majnun is the first short film in a trilogy whose interest is based on the problems of humanity in the face of an unprecedented social, political and economic scenario.
    The choice of the wo...

  • LIquids

    A science fiction world where men control women's bodies, not far from our reality, but what if non-human creatures arrive? “Liquids” is part of a project called Schizopyllum: a genderfuck series, a series on the control of bodies and the social construction of marginalization.
    “Everyone of us is...

  • Katalinka 16

    Kata spends a lot of time behind the camera of her cell phone, recording the important and less important events of her everyday life in the middle of nowhere, where she lives alone with her father. Somehow though, she does not fit in this milieu. Based on her recordings, we get an insight into K...

  • Hathor in a straight line (Hathor em linha recta)

    Hathor in a straight line is an experimental short film that, through deconstructed plans, we talk about people supposedly decided, but in reality they are quite confused. Based on Fernando Pessoa's poem.

    Ana Cavazzana
    Italo-Brazilian director graduated in cinema and scenic arts.

  • Essences

    Nina, Raph and Malo, three young musicians on their way to a tour hope to sign with a musical label. Persuaded to win the jackpot, Ralph unwittingly spends their entire savings playing casino.
    Now ruined and without gasoline, their caravan is found immobilized on a parking lot in a small provinc...

  • Dungeness The Movie

    An eerie journey into the landscape of Dungeness, Kent, England; with an overview of Derek Jarman's cottage and a gravity-free homage to his art legacy. Featuring the
    Dungeness nuclear power station suspended in the background to remind us of the frightening envinromental issues related to this s...

  • Dance of the hours

    This short-movie was filmed in the pick of covid19 crises. It's a nightmare turned into an artistic voyage during the isolation in Porto, Portugal. It's a way of exorcism with the vision of creativity. It's a spiritual therapy, and a call to make art as a divine cure.

    Bruno Miguel Resende
    Born i...

  • Daemoon

    A witch kills the husband with a magical potion to get involved with the man of her deepest dreams.

    Bruno Miguel Resende
    Born in Porto, Portugal, 1981. Actor, director, writer, performer. First work at the theaters with the play "Elogios da Embriaguez", adapting Alfred Jarry, Charles Baudelaire,...

  • Coronantine

    Coronantine is a short-movie filmed in the pick of Covid19 crises. It's a work of search of innerself during the isolation in Porto, Portugal. It can be seen as a journey in search of the divine. Outside or inside. And how that creates. Ourselfs. Others.

    Bruno Miguel Resende
    Born in Porto, Portu...

  • Confinement

    Confinement in the Covid-19 era. Memories of freedom and love suffocate him and at the same time, give him.

    Dimitra Alexandri
    Growing up with the dream, one day to film my own movies, I found my self since early years to dedicate on this purpose.
    After graduating high school, I had my bachelor ...

  • Come si dice

    The sea, the heat, floating, half awake, half absent. The moon, big then small, birds, people - the camera scurries over everything, restless. Come si dice: Ti amo? Following the voices of two Sicilian girls under the rising moon of Palermo the camera passes by the heat of a family quarrel and di...

  • Camangen 1915

    Camangen 1915
    A war film, a documentary? Probably yes.
    A director and an actor are the protagonists. Their stories take place on the blurred and fiery border between reality and fiction, where passion meets reality.
    Those who seek comfort will not find it in real life but in the imperfect, ambigu...