FilmÓptico Festival WINNERS

FilmÓptico Festival WINNERS

The winners of the FilmÓptico - Art Visual and Film Festival 2021

- Best Feature Film: THE REAL COURT OF SHARDS - Jan Eilhardt (Germany)
- Best Short Film: LUCES DEL DESIERTO - Félix Blume (México/France)
- Best Documentary: POLISH DRAG PROJECT - Nina Krawczak/Aleksandra Krosnowska (Poland)
- Best Animated Film: MINOTAUR - Enrique Diego (Spain)
- Best Video-Art Work: SIMULATION - Shin Jungkyun (Republic of Korea)
- Audience Award: SENZA FINE - Camilla Simoncini (Italy)

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FilmÓptico Festival WINNERS
  • The Real Court of Shards

    The experimental feature film centries on Nora, a woman with a disability struggling to find love and freedom from her patriarchal family.

    The white, bourgeois, oppressive system we call family keeps disabled Nora prisoner. Then along comes her Prince Charming – a refugee by the name of Amadou -...


  • Luces del Desierto (Desert Lights)

    An invitation to open our eyes wide in the twilight and listen to the sounds hidden in the blackness.
    Some strange lights appear at night in the Mexican desert. The residents tell us what they’ve seen: fire, a fireball, lights flying, lightning falling from the sky and a flash. The singularity of...

  • Polish Drag Project

    A documentary centre on 3 polish drag queens: Shady Lady, Lola Eyeonyou Potocki and Chlamydia.The main part of the movie is based on a series of interviews We ask about the culture of drag, about experiences with performances and about the development of drag art in Poland. And we go further. We ...

  • Minotaur

    The Minotaur was imprisoned for life in the labyrinth and is fed once a year with human sacrifices. Theseus goes into its passages with a single purpose: to kill the monster.

    Enrique Diego
    He is the co-founder and creative director of Perruncho Studio. He holds a degree in Fine Arts and has spec...

  • Simulation

    Acrobat is derived from the Greek words "acros" (height) and "baino" (to go), meaning "Person walking on tiptoe".
    The acrobat's movement beyond physical limitations came to me as an alternative to overcome the current situation.
    In these days of helplessness, instinctive senses may be required ra...

  • Senza Fine (The Weekend)

    Milan, the big city that never sleeps. A young, disenchanted girl lets her life be hollowed out by loneliness. She spends the weekend getting lost in the noise that surrounds her, desperately searching for an aim.
    Days go on in the same mood, anxiety raises questions, confusion exceeds reality, s...