Feature Film - Official Selection FOVFF

Feature Film - Official Selection FOVFF

Official selection of the FilmÓptico Festival in the Feature Film category (>30 min.)

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Feature Film - Official Selection FOVFF
  • Estoy cansado de despertarme contigo

    I'm tired of waking up next to you tells the story of 4 couples: Daniel and Carmina, a marriage that ends in divorce; Julian and Alicia, a fleeting but intense courtship; Leonardo and Sofia, a courtship that begins in adolescence and lasts until adulthood; Wendy and Bobby, a relationship that fat...


  • The Old Butterfly

    A 70 years old man Ramalingam who lived in his native village on his last journey of life, He lived lonely, His wife is no more and had a daughter who married to another state. She had a daughter and son. Ramalingam's daughter came to the village yearly one time in the ceremony of their old templ...

  • The door on the dark

    Marco and Claudia live together since 7 months, but their relation is probably coming to an end, due to his attitude. Marco is jealous, and Claudia is suffering a lot for this. She is an actress, she feels like in jail staying with him. And then, there’s another problem between them: the house th...

  • Strange

    "The "Strange" will enter a house of the human world, with the prize halls and tableware supported by the masses."
    The guest movie "Strange" is a form of an exceptional story about the visit, the motives of the reception and the destiny where the selected road takes you.

  • Repugnalia

    A brother and sister travel to a small village to care for their sick aunt.

    Neil Boultby (Spain)
    A director known for Coco (2017), Repugnalia (2020) and various Web Series and Music Videos.

  • Re-Fresh

    A lonely 25-year-old boy named Hope, his lonely life has no one in this world but himself. faced with the reality of a harsh city life and a job that demands to work continuously with a work environment that never thinks he exists because he is busy with his own personal affairs. His friends also...

  • Reasons and Endings

    "He told me that someone else once said...". Reasons and Endings is a comedy about drama. All sorts of dramas.

    A man and woman go through the motions in the dying days of their relationship – or do they?
    Another man has some strange theories about the state of the world and the world seems to be...

  • NOW (Post Mortem)

    The ruins of an old shipyard threaten by a luxury condominium are the departure point for this film about time and silence.

    A simple news, a pretext: the shipyards of São Jacinto, or what remains of them, will be transformed into a luxury condominium. With council approval and everything.
    From ...

  • Its existence commenced this hour

    The film plays with streams of images that do not undergo any narrative development and is backed by a minimalistic music with a metallic bell-like sound.
    It is a state of perception that the film wants to trigger and perception is always subject to subjective experience. Which means that every v...

  • Execution Day

    Execution Day feature movie demonstrates the process of execution, its rules and other details in the USSR. In the movie we have shot the prison life of an innocent kolkhoz chairman and the most dangerous offender who is sentenced to execution.
    In the movie the offender is not only extremely dang...

  • Bunnu K Endo Maye

    In a game of corporatocracy an unnamed corporation imprisons a politician's wife & her lover in an empty flat.

    An anonymous multinational company interested in capitalising natural resources, deceitfully leads a powerful politician's wife & her lover on to an empty flat in a big city promising t...

  • Across the 4th parallel

    Four stories about four young people unknown to each other, who must understand and survive separately in a universe where every choice has no turning point and that, all are dependent and connects their lives and fates even after the end.