Feature Film - Official FOVFF Nominees

Feature Film - Official FOVFF Nominees

Nominees in competition at the FilmÓptico Festival in the category of Feature Film (>30)

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Feature Film - Official FOVFF Nominees
  • A Palestina Brasileira

    Marked by ethnic and cultural diversity, Rio Grande do Sul now houses thousands of Palestinian immigrants and their descendants. The communities born of the nakba - the Arabic word whose meaning is catastrophe or disaster - seek, in the diaspora, full integration and a new citizenship in Brazil. ...


  • Lapsus Mortal

    Javier is an apparently normal man, who is going through a difficult time in his life, a divorce, work problems and a burdensome routine. This monotony is broken when Javier starts to find out about a series of crimes that in some strange way seem to be related to him, since he met the victims th...

  • The Real Court of Shards

    The experimental feature film centries on Nora, a woman with a disability struggling to find love and freedom from her patriarchal family.

    The white, bourgeois, oppressive system we call family keeps disabled Nora prisoner. Then along comes her Prince Charming – a refugee by the name of Amadou -...

  • The outcry of ants

    It is a romantic drama about Amir who is a poet and addicted to drugs and Yalda who is a theater actress.
    Amir, a 25-year-old boy who became acquainted with addiction as a teenager and is now addicted to hallucinogenic substances.
    With the help of her love( Yalda), he decides to quit his addictio...

  • The magic island

    After a shipwreck, a marooned Captain is lost in a strange land where nothing is what it seems. Meanwhile his crew are lost and gone mad with fever looking for treasure. The Captain is confronted by a mysterious figure who makes him relive his last 24 hrs over and over again. Strange etheral fant...

  • Sholler’s archive

    At the beginning of the 19th century, Germans from Europe and Germany moved to Azerbaijan. Their role in the history of Azerbaijan was outstanding. For example, while people were lighting a candle in Tsardom of Russia, Azerbaijanis were using electric lamps owing to Germans. Furthermore, they bro...


    PATIO is about the story of individuals whose city, no matter how is large, But is similar to a small "Patio" for them!

    Maryam Bahrololumi (Iran)
    She has a degree in Art & Studied in the field of Cinema at the Istanbul University of Turkey. She worked as a assistant director from 2005 until 2018...

  • Mask Trip

    London (UK)...
    "Kura" was in the city, one of the centers of international culture.
    Kura is an international archaeologist. Recently, he lives in London and collects information.
    He lives near Victoria Station. THE ANCIENT EVIL MASK is about to be rising!!
    TK (Taka Kura) is an worldwide adventure...

  • The last man on earth

    A virus has turned humankind into the living dead. Spared, Doctor Morgan still hopes to find survivors.
    Made from the soundtrack of the 1964 film "The last man on earth" and with current footage available under Creative Commons license, "The last man on earth" is the visual and sound testimony of...

  • Goodbye Mary

    A group of friends gather at a wake, where the deceased seems to be present in more ways than one.

    Eva María Fernández (Spain/UK)
    Is a director, screenwriter and actress from Murcia, Spain. She has several publications like the play "Un final para Ana" (An end to Ana) and the short story "El tri...

  • Cuando todo haya ardido (When all has burned)

    A film with a strong poetic charge that narrates the existential drama of Juan after the death of Maria, his wife, his guide.

    A film proposal with a definite poetic character, with a non-conventional narrative that narrates the existential drama of Juan after the death of Mary, his wife.
    She was...

  • Answer

    Eva is a famous writer. For several years she's been renting, buys out a village or small settlement, usually in the most unexpected wilderness. Only in this way, remaining completely alone in an artificially extinct settlement, Eva "gives birth" to her masterpieces.

  • Os Principes (The Princes)

    On a hot night in Rio de Janeiro, two men seek pleasure and ultraviolence. They invite two prostitutes to accompany them on this risky and intense adventure. A critique of the social system that evokes Passolini, Lynch and Jodorowsky. The posthumous film by Luiz Rosemberg Filho