Documentary - Official FOVFF Nominees

Documentary - Official FOVFF Nominees

Nominees in competition at the FilmÓptico Festival in the category of Documentary

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Documentary - Official FOVFF Nominees
  • Stem - Sound from the Tropical


    "… Wildness challenges the unity of the symbol, the transcendent totalization binding the image to that which it represents. Wildness pries open this unity and in its place creates slippage. ... Wildness is the death space of signification" (219).

    - Taussig: Shamanism, Colonialism, and the...


  • Polish Drag Project

    A documentary centre on 3 polish drag queens: Shady Lady, Lola Eyeonyou Potocki and Chlamydia.The main part of the movie is based on a series of interviews We ask about the culture of drag, about experiences with performances and about the development of drag art in Poland. And we go further. We ...

  • I will live out of your beauty!

    The documentary film shows a life of a small family theatre which approaches traditional stories and fairytales in very non-traditional way.

    Tereza Vokata (Czech Republic)
    A student of Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek, Czech republic. Currently she is in her first year of master studie...

  • I am a black sculptor

    The documentary "I am a black sculptor" is a cinematic quest for the imagination and inspiration of the Amsterdam artist Nelson Carrilho who expresses his African origins with his bronze sculptures. In this time of polarization, Carrilho feels the pain of the colonial past and transforms it into ...

  • Faubourg

    In the August 2017 I've moved in Paris, France.
    I've spent a year watching outside the windows of my tiny flat, filming, recording sounds and reading books of authors like Henry David Thoreau, Mark Rowlands, Michel Onfray and others, all people that make a strong analysis of the civilization. Sea...

  • Back in time

    A young woman falls deeply in love, but soon she finds herself heartbroken in the claustrophobic situation of her own apartment. She encounters her reflection in the mirror and the cameraˇs eye, discovers her feelings and travels back in time.

    Jasmin Preiß (Germany)
    2016 Diploma, Art Acadamy Düs...