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  • Let´s make a deal

    In this short clay-animation, you will see Mr. Lawrence Chopper-stine chase after the three little wolves. There is something he wants, however the wolves seem to fear this pig monster with good reason.

    Chris D has been a sculptor as well as an animator for over a year. Using her sculptures, she...

  • Last meal

    Based on the first chapter of the karla zárate's novel 'last meal'.
    john guadalupe is a cook on the polunsky prison, in texas, where prisoners are sentenced to the capital punishment: their execution. this short is about guadalupe's first reflexion.

    Ojolo / Abel Garcia

    Graduated from business s...

  • El Hombre de la esquina

    the sad adventures of a man who is immersed in his apathy, takes the shape of the corner he leaned on for too long. A story of self-improvement in the face of the loss of a loved one: his armchair.

    Born and widowed in Mexico City in 1991, Javiera Dolores Soledad has been interested in horror fil...

  • Monday Night Scandals

    Scandals Saloon is a Country/Western Gay bar in Wilton Manors, FL, city with the second highest LGBTQ population in the USA. Every Monday night they host a Drag Queen show called 'Stilettos' on the main dance floor, at the same time as a Cigar Smokers Social in the patio. 'Monday Night Scandals' ...

  • Ciclo

    A psychiatric patient is locked in a room, he sleeps. Meanwhile, your mind travels from dream to nightmare. A surrealist work. The logic of the narrative is the same as that of dreams.

    February 1, 1976. Barranquilla Colombia.
    Studies: Plastic Arts at the Universidad del Atlantico, TV production...

  • Orgáquina

    The organic is constantly changing, as it is controlled, manipulated, reprogrammed and destroyed in an inevitable cycle.

    Moisés Pantolfi is a musician (percussionist) graduated from USP and since 2008 involved in the production of tracks for films and theater. He was a fellow at the OJMG in 200...

  • (In)Finitum

    In the animation, a post-human Horus reintegrates into nature after the collapse of the human species, living a psychedelic experience of reconnecting to the cosmos.
    (In) Finitum is an animation contextualized in visionary art, created in digital rotoscopy.

    Edgar Franco is Ciberpaje, a transmedi...

  • Flying Stars

    Directed by Manuel Rossi and set to music by Federico Rossi, Flying Stars is an experimental animation short made by scratching on 35mm film, length 2 minutes.The premise was experiment with physical material, in the era of digital cinema.
    A star falls on a mountain, from inside a man emerges wit...

  • 10:45 en una ciudad cualquiera

    At the bus stop of a bustling city, several fragments of everyday stories that occur at the same time become a space for reflection, love, death and other situations that could resemble a city like any other.

    Diego Ignacio Romero
    Born on March 22, 1997 in La Paz, Bolivia. Moved in 2016 to the c...

  • Wot If

    The poem revolves around the narrative of 11yr old Noori, who suffers from Anxiety. She feels uninvolved in her daily life and a cause for the things happening around her. Everytime she feels turmoil around her, she senses the eerie wot ifs coming from no where and triggering thoughts in her mind...

  • Whence comes the rain

    A short animated film depicting the secret origin of the rain.
    A bird of prey has an unexpected encounter between the clouds.

    Elio Quiroga
    Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), studied Computer Science Engineering. He started as a video artist. His first experimental videos are in...

  • The Artist

    Once as a child, Eugene was inspired a painting that he saw in the gallery.
    Growing up, Eugene became an artist and one day he decided to paint a picture that has been preserved in his
    memory from his distant childhood.

    Nazar Germanov
    Professional landscape painter. Began to paint from four age ...

  • Smudge

    Smudge is a little aquarelle painting who lives in a preschool. After being taken away from there, Smudge realizes that he must get back to save his good friend, Malery. He decides to go on a journey in which he will face great dangers. In his journey, Smudge will learn of his special physical ab...

  • SIGH

    This is the story of a grey man who is always sighing. Living in a grey city, covered in smog, he keeps on sighing until he dries out and becomes skin and bones. But even in the darkest corners of the soul, there is light and color.

    Vlad Bolgarin
    Born and raised in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova ...

  • Rural to Urban

    Tells the story of a girl in a foreign country, who is constantly introspecting and homesick.
    It is an experimental glass animation that focuses on exploring personal existence and where the inner emotions and spirits are pinned in contemporary society.
    Created by myself and my understanding of ...

  • Roamers

    An autobiographical fresco retracing the different places where I traveled and lived.Compiled into a roaming story in mountains and villages.
    Two wanderers travelling threw small communities to others, doing their show and enjoying the unknown.

    Simon Choupot
    Before I start my graduate studies, ...

  • Proving Ground

    A large prototype robot has killed its test pilot and roams through a proving ground, controlled by its AI.
    Another robot, controlled by a cocky human pilot, is sent into the proving ground to destroy the prototype. The resulting battle causes a lot of damage to both the robots and surrounding sc...

  • Minotaur

    The Minotaur was imprisoned for life in the labyrinth and is fed once a year with human sacrifices. Theseus goes into its passages with a single purpose: to kill the monster.

    Enrique Diego
    He is the co-founder and creative director of Perruncho Studio. He holds a degree in Fine Arts and has spec...

  • Lost Time

    An extraordinary journey of a young man, who during a visit to his mother is led to deep realization by the sheer sight of antiques and the memories attached to them. A story about how our sense of time changes due to pure love and about the influence the past has on our present.

    Melinda Szabó-...

  • Du temps perdu

    Should I wake up?
    I need to drink...
    and who knows who I'll see tonight.
    This story manages to become an apologist for the unfanthomable, inexhaustible,
    human imperfection.

    King's Magicians
    The only word vision is all that still exalts me". This is the starting point.

  • 26.4

    Thousands of sperms are flying through space, creating a second moon, regreening a desert earth.

    Danielle Bouteille
    Born in Feldkirch (Austria) near the Swiss border.
    Grew up in Vienna and Leobersdorf.
    Attended high school in Berndorf and wrote some books.
    Then military service in Allentsteig (...