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III Contemporary Mexican Cinema Exhibition

During the 7th, 8th and 9th of May, a window to the Mexican cinematographic universe will be opened for the third time in Barcelona at Cinema Maldà and online through the ViridianaTV platform. We continue to count on the support of Casa Amèrica Catalunya, the Malquerida beer, with whom we have toasted since our first edition. Thanks as always to our sponsors and collaborators: Enmezcalarte, Curtis Audiophile Cafe, Sonodrome and ViridianaTV.

The intention of the Exhibition is to offer a relevant place to watch films in community and to reach new participative and critical audiences, thus creating an essential annual event within the Barcelona cultural scene, bringing a careful selection of independent fiction, first films, experimental and documentary films.

*This exhibition is included free of charge for subscribers.

FilmÓptico - Art Visual and Film Festival

Our Festival has come to an end!
Thank you very much to all our film-loving subscribers for your views. We hope you had a great time thanks to the great productions we had the pleasure to present.

Coming soon we will announce here and on our social networks the winners of the five categories as well as the audience award.

Stay tuned!

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